Whether you are a member of ASCoF or not, a scientist or an engineer, an individual layman or a person representing a corporation, I would like to welcome you to this website. The aim of this association (ASCoF) is above all to promote the science and technology that recognize no border, either geographical, ethnic, cultural or any other discriminating characters. Promoting science and technology means in search of the truth, the happiness of all living organisms, and the preservation of the nature, free of any dogmatism or prejudice.

It happens that this association is founded at Paris in 1976 and since then people residing mostly in France but also in a nearby countries have got together a couple of times every year to know each other, to build networks, and to exchange the knowledges and opinions in the field of their specialities or others. Most members are from Korean origin, but we also count many other nationals including the French citizen. Any scientist or engineer living in France or surrounding countries and promising to respect the statute is encouraged to join this association, although people having a special ties with South Korea would be given priority. I may remind you here that this association is a nonprofit organization and has no political, ideological, or religious character at all.

The association like this one entirely relies on the benevolent activities of its members and any good idea proposed by its members will be discussed and eventually put into practice if it suits to the aim stated in the statute in the limit of the association’s resources. So, I would like to encourage all members to actively join to discussions through different opportunities given to them, like this website, the regional meetings, Spring and Fall annual meetings, and through correspondences. Furthermore, the member’s direct participations to various activities are mostly welcome, as there were not so many of such active members recently.

As regarding the members of the board of administration, the members of the science panel, and the regional representatives, they were elected by the members or nominated by the president to serve all members. So, if you have any difficulty to satisfy your curiosity concerning this association’s activities, or to make yourself available to willingly serve this association, please do not hesitate to contact your regional representative or the appropriate member of bureau of administration, e.g., the president, the vice-president, the secretary general, or the treasurer.

Counting upon your kind supports and diligent cooperations for the flourishing ASCoF, I wish you all the bests.

The 29th President of ASCoF, Jong-Wook Lee, January 2023