Designing a Human Alveolar Model on-Chip for SARS-CoV-2 Investigations
Biomaterials & Microfluidics core facility (S. Gobaa)

The Porject
The Biomaterials & Microfluidics core facility of Institut Pasteur is opening a position for developing a new
Organ-on-Chip device capable of recapitulating the alveolar microenvironment. The objective is to develop a
new tool that could help better understanding SARS-CoV-2 infection spreading along the respiratory tract and
the induced immune responses. Practically, the selected candidate will work at the interface of cell biology,
microfluidics and organoid technologies in order to deliver an alveolar organotypic model susceptible to SARSCoV-
2 challenges. Application with other infectious diseases could be sought in a later time.

§ Activities
The project entails developing an in vitro organ-on-chip model capable of recapitulating the hallmarks of SARSCoV-
2 infection in different parts of the lung (primarily the alveoli). The first step will consist in the development
of the model. There, the selected candidate will have to harvest primary lung cells, amplify them in organoid
culture, and steer them towards alveolar differentiation. After thorough characterization (Immunochemistry,
FACS, scRNAseq….), the second step will consist in loading the produced cells onto a microfluidic device, to
assess lung cell functions and then analyze the response to SARS-CoV-2 infection.

§ Skills and Expertise
The proposed project is clearly multidisciplinary. It will entail working at the interface of multiple fields of
investigation including organoids, lung physiology and development, microfluidics and immunity. Expertise in
the field of lung organotypic models or lung development is expected. Advanced understanding (theoretical
and practical) of primary cell culture techniques is required. Good understanding of organoids, 3D cell culture
and microfluidics would be a strong asset.
The candidate must be highly motivated, creative and capable of independent thinking. He/she should be able
to collaborate efficiently with scientists across multiple labs specialized in virology, cell biology and drug
screening. The ability to work independently and good communication skills in spoken and written English will
also be important.

§ Education
The candidate should have a PhD degree in cell biology or bioengineering with a proven record in the fields of
lung physiology and/or development.

The labs
The project will be based on a collaboration between different labs and core facilities at Institut Pasteur. The
successful candidate will be hosted by the Biomaterials & Microfluidics core facility and will work very closely
with other labs on the campus including virologists, cell biologists and chemists.

Application/Financial support
Applicants should send their CV, a summary of previous research experience and the names of two references
to Samy Gobaa (

Funding body: Institut Pasteur. Duration: 12 months