■ Date: October 16th (Friday), 2020, at 3 PM (Paris Time)
■ Online Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83318039780?pwd=ajY2WHJ1b1dvTnR1SnNGaXlXNWdPdz09
■ Content
 - Greeting and Introduction: Dr. Junbeum Kim (President of ASCOF)
 - Presentation 1: Dr. Jerome Dyment, Directeur de Recherche au CNRS
    Deep-sea magnetic exploration : Volcanoes, Hydrothermalism and potential mining
 - Presentation 2: Dr. Choi Jin-Hyuck, Directeur of Center for active Tectonics, KIGAM
    Detecting and tracing of intraplate active faults: case studies of the southeastern part of the Korean Pennisula
 - Presentation 3: Dr. Hanjin Choe, Research Institute for Earth Resources, Kangwon National University
    The Systematic decrease of marine magnetic anomaly in subduction zones : a global appraisal  
 - Presentation 4: Dr. Yujin Choi, Ingenieur de Rechercheur au CNRS    
    Dating the sea floor where no magnetic data exist : a new method